The G4+ Atom

29/01/2015   |   Cougar Power   |   Product Reviews

The G4+ Atom



The Atom ECU is our "entry level" engine management system. It's been around for a couple of years.


We re-engineered the Atom in November 2013 and brought it out under the G4+ range. We refined it as a value-for-money ECU that retains the easy setup and superb results expected from the G4+ range.



In stock now!


Key Features of the G4+ Atom

The G4+ Atom is the Link ECU that blows the opposition away - half the size, all the technology!  Feature packed, not compromised:

  • Spec overview:
    • Four injection drives
    • Four ignition outputs
    • Three analog inputs (you choose, oil pressure etc.)
    • Two temperature inputs (e.g. water and inlet air temperature)
    • Two digital inputs (e.g. vehicle speed and logging switch)
    • Four auxiliary outputs (e.g. fuel pump, fans, boost control) 
    • One, thirty four pin, waterproof connector
    • 5V out
  • The same mounting technology as our higher level ECUs
    • A fully extruded mounting plate is included
    • Mounting hardware is completely hidden for a fully professional installation
  • Waterproof automotive plugs
  • The same tuning features as our high-end ECUs - tuning with PCLink
  • Full configurability, no preset input/outputs
  • Logging and OBD upgrades available
  • Closed loop fuel and ethanol compensation if external devices are added 



New G4+ Atom Pricing

We have listened to our dealer feedback that the G4+ Atom would be an absolute winner in the market if it were better priced.   We have focused on our production costs and are now able to respond.

UK feedback indicates that the Atom needs to be under £500 to win and the global market is telling us the same sort of reduction would make a big difference.

We  will cut our pricing by 10%. Log onto our dealer-exclusive online shop from February 1, to order at the new pricing.

Atoms are already our biggest seller and this price drop will guarantee more business through your door.

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