New LINK ECU G4+ Xtreme BLACK, fully unlocked .

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Fully Enabled

Why Update the G4+ Xtreme?


The G4+ Xtreme is our most powerful ECU. With the new G4+ Fury now shipping we needed to ensure that the Xtreme held its top position.

1.  Atom - A powerful entry level ECU

2.  Storm - Perfect mid range ECU, ideal for 4 cylinder applications

3.  Fury - Onboard digital wide-band with P&H injection

4.  Xtreme - Fully enabled, powerful high end engine management




Introducing the Black G4+ Xtreme

Over time, Link ECUs have evolved. The principles that define Link haven't - power, ease of tuning & performance.


When we set out to create the new look for our ECUs, we wanted to make it more pleasing and easier to use, while maintaining the essential elements of robustness and mounting ease.


It's the next natural step in the evolution of ECUs. Not just because of how it looks but because of what it empowers you to do.


The elegant design feels entirely fresh. The G4+ "black series" ECUs will change how you see your car and what you can do with it.

This new "black series" G4+ Xtreme supersedes the Vi-PEC i88 & red G4+ Xtreme.




The Black G4+ Xtreme Gains.....

  • A beautiful new robust metal enclosure
  • Integrated mounting bracket that is invisible once mounted (easily unclipped with release holes)
  • Peak and hold injection, user definable, 4 amp peak, 1 amp hold
  • Mixture map, closed loop fuel correction. Automatic control via two O2 sensors
  • OBDII compatibility


Upgrades are Now Included

  • ECUs are shipped locked and must be enabled before they are used. This lock increases security when shipping and provides information on when the ECU is first used.
  • E-throttle. Previously an upgrade for the red Xtreme e-throttle is now standard in the new black G4+ Xtreme. Use any e-throttle and pedal combination. Fully programmable e-throttle control complete with gear shift control and throttle blips.
  • Knock. Internal digital knock "windowing". Detects knock using factory or after market knock sensors.
  • Logging. Was 15 channels, now 25 channels of logging included.
  • CAN. Now user defined and supports two independent CAN modules. 
  • Traction Control. Controlled tyre slip to improve vehicle safety, driveability and performance.

Get all of your LINK ECU's from Cougar Power Motorsport , , official European distributor. We ship to all countries, Italy, Greece, Germany, Croatia, Slovakia and more. 

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