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Dear KW Partners & Importers,

This action will be possibly the BIGGEST BANG & Marketing goal in 2015 for ST Suspensions, a unique once in a lifetime competition / lottery & concept has been put together! The action was originally only foreseen for USA and Germany, but we made it possible to extend it globally, that is the reason for the short-term notice.

We trust that it will be a media hype across the globe and create a lot of traffic and noise for ST Suspensions, and finally creates brand awareness and will support & increase sales! The entire campaign & action is supported by Ken Block and his management and the entire action will be also fired out via all social media channels of Ken Block, and you can maybe imagine about the multi million crowd of followers Ken Block has in his backround. So how does it work, what does everybody have TO DO?

  • in total 4 golden tickets are available and after the contest there will be 4 people on the
    globe who will enjoy such a very special event which you can´t buy for money!
  • air tickets from any place in the world to SinCity LAS VEGAS
  • 4 nights @ luxury 4star Westin Casino & Spa Hotel Las Vegas
  • VIP Tickets SEMA SHOW Las Vegas
  • 500,-$ USD cash – pocket money – to spend & gamble around
  • Meet & Greet of the livin legend Ken Block, private Dinner with Ken Block & his team and
    KW team @ Morton´s Steak House Las Vegas


How does it work?

a) Final customer:

  • To do´s are self explaining, click & continue and just do it. Click the link above, click on flag for language, click “participation as consumer”, you will be transferred to ST Suspension Facebook page, fill out form completely, submit, this is it and you are in! Everybody can participate.
  • Final customer can earn 3 more “Meet & Greet” lottery tickets if he shares the action to friends and if more than 3 friends join the action, you will get 3 more entries & chances. This can already be done also on webpage of importer and or even your private Facebook account.

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