Vorsteiner Flow Forged V-FF 102 for BMW M4

11/09/2015   |   cougar power   |   Product Reviews

We have a long heritage of being the premier BMW tuner so it's no surprise we have a plethora of wheel collections for the current M4 chassis. The Mineral White M4 is fitted with the V-FF 102 wheel in Carbon Graphite. The size for this application is a staggered fitment consisting of 20x9.5 with a standard concavity front profile and 20x10.5 deep concavity rear profile.


The Vorsteiner V-FF 102 wheels are made using an advanced flow forging process that helps to create an ultra-dense composition, allowing less material to be used to achieve a given strength. This helps to reduce weight, which can make a world of difference at the wheel hub.


The V-FF 102 wheel is a homage to redefining the classic 10-spoke design in which we take a methodical approach in configuring tailored fitments for specific applications to ensure the best possible look and feel.






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