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31/07/2018   |   cougar power   |   Racing

Sneak Peak - Coming Soon!

Official details arriving soon, July 2018 

Thank you for your continuous support of our products and services.

Overseas Exclusive Model Coming Soon: VOLKRACING CE28 CLUB RACER II Black Edition!

Coming soon is the VOLKRACING CE28 Club Racer II Black Edition. Available in Japanese and Import fitments in 17 and 18 inch variations.  Exclusive sizes for most popular applications in the overseas market. Color is Diamond Dark Gunmetal (MM) and includes air valve, 2 types of disk stickers, and a rim sticker. This model features a knurling finish to prevent tire slippage. This model is not available to purchase in Japan. This Made in House, Made in Japan, Forged One Piece Mono block wheel starts delivery from Fall, 2018.

Official information to release soon. Wheel image shown in 17 inch. Information may be subject to change.

For more information, check out our official website: www.rayswheels.co.jp  and always contact your RAYS Authorized Dealer!






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