With twenty years experience in Nissan GTR research and development Australian GTR performance specialists Willall Racing have consistently led the way with performance and achievements beyond expectation. Starting out in 1991 with a new Australian delivered Nissan Skyline R32 GTR Willall Racing has consistently raised the bar for GTR Performance on a global level with unique high level products and engineering. Highlights include Willall Racing being the first official member of the RH9 (Record Holders Nine Seconds) title in the Southern Hemisphere with their R32 GTR drag car, achieving a 8.9 second quarter mile pass in accordance with the RH9 rulings of radial tyres and gasoline based fuel. Willall generated over 1000hp from their Trust turbocharged RB26 based engine to put them at the forefront of GTR development. Taking the racing ethos further was Willall Racings 8.7 second quarter mile pass (at over 162mph) achieved once more in their R32 GTR drag car at the time making them the fastest true manual transmission equipped GTR outside of Japan, and the fastest OS Giken 3 litre engined GTR in the world. As you can see then the racing achievements have come thick and fast, but is the engineering involved that has set Willall Racing apart from the competition. Engineering developments from Willall Racing have included innovations such as a fully electronic shift mechanism for the Holinger Six Speed Sequential automatic transmission, unique throttle/pressure calibration of Motec engine management systems for GTR drag and circuit racing vehicles, along with specialist suspension components for GTR competition application. With R35 taking GTR technology and engineering requirements to new heights Willall Racing have invested in an involved testing and development program that has seen them become the leading force in aftermarket modification and lubrication of the GTR's new heart, the Nissan and Borg Warner co-jointly developed GR6 Dual Clutch Transmission.

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Willall R35 GTR Billet Block Assembly

€ 19968.00 (price excl. VAT € 16780.00)

Willall R35 GTR Billet Cradle Assembly WR35CR

€ 4082.00 (price excl. VAT € 3430.00)

Willall R35 GTR Titanium Cat Back Exhaust System

€ 2529.00 (price excl. VAT € 2125.00)

Willall R35 GTR Titanium Mid Pipe Assy

€ 803.00 (price excl. VAT € 675.00)

Willall R35 GTR Stainless Steel Downpipes

€ 643.00 (price excl. VAT € 540.00)


€ 4641.00 (price excl. VAT € 3900.00)


€ 5510.00 (price excl. VAT € 4630.00)

Willall R35 GTR Oil Air Separator System

€ 726.00 (price excl. VAT € 610.00)

Willall R35 GTR 1000HP Anti Surge Fuel System

€ 2142.00 (price excl. VAT € 1800.00)

Willall R35 GTR Front Camber Arms

€ 2737.00 (price excl. VAT € 2300.00)

Willall R35 GTR Rear Camber Arms

€ 2380.00 (price excl. VAT € 2000.00)

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